Introducing a ‘people first’ coaching culture to improve your team engagement and inspire your people to be the best versions of themselves.


Introducing a ‘people first’ coaching culture to improve your team engagement and inspire your people to be the best versions of themselves.


Introducing a ‘people first’ coaching culture to improve your team engagement and inspire your people to be the best versions of themselves.
Leadership and executive coaching is a way to mould a successful school culture and can improve communication by up to 72 per cent and working relationships by up to 79 per cent.

Introducing a ‘people first’ coaching culture will inspire your teams to be the best versions of themselves. This is the mission of Navitas Human Capital.

inspiring TEAMS

Coaching success by putting people first

Adopting the principles of a people first coaching culture and expert guidance, the most valuable resource within your school – your employees – can be developed to a whole new level. Placing your team at the centre of development will help to drive superior performance across your school, improve job satisfaction and ultimately ensure your strategic goals are achieved.

Not only will your teams feel valued and inspired, they will understand what their purpose is within the organisation. Leading to:

  • Improved quality of learning and teaching
  • Enhanced performance
  • An improved learning environment for pupils and staff
  • Higher staff retention
  • Heightened engagement
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced absenteeism

The driving force of a cultural coaching philosophy is to embed a positive atmosphere within organisations to value, support and inspire  your school team to individually and collectively maximise talent and potential.

Culture is the DNA of an organisation – get your culture right and your school will be unstoppable.

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Peter Drucker

If you want a catalyst to improve performance and productivity through cultural coaching, contact us today on 07398 989345 or email

about US

Navitas Human Capital was formed by Andy Chell and Peter Rickard to encourage organisations to inspire their teams to be the best versions of themselves.

Meet Andy

Andy has worked for some truly inspirational leaders, but similarly has worked for leaders who have little respect for the values of their organisation. Previously a chief executive officer for a multi-academy trust comprising three primary schools and a managing director of a manufacturing organisation, Andy holds the National Professional Qualification in Executive Leadership (NPQEL).

He is currently studying for the ILM level 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys mountain biking and Morris dancing.

Meet Peter

Peter was the founding chief executive officer of a sponsoring multi-academy trust with more than 1,000 children attending three schools. His education career spans from classroom teacher to head teacher through to CEO.

Peter is a Local Leader of Education (LLE), holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) as well as the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL).

Peter enjoys his downtime playing squash, cycling and walking in the countryside with his wife and dog.


Navitas Human Capital works with entrepreneurial high-growth organisations, which believe culture is a game changer for their school or business. Our work focuses primarily on education and corporate sectors as well as charities and faith organisations.

A strong philanthropic ethos underpins the business model and bursaries are sometimes offered to undertake pro bono work for non-profit organisations.

Please contact us directly to find out if there is a bursary available for you on 07398 989345 or email

The coaching academies

Navitas Human Capital offers five culture coaching academies. These are the:

  • Coaching Academy
  • Mindset Academy
  • Talent Academy
  • Growth Academy
  • Governance Academy

Each academy is dedicated to the highest standards in recruiting, aligning, developing and transforming the people that work within your school.

With the expert guidance of Navitas Human Capital you can embark on a successful culture journey to put your people first. Developing a cultural shift throughout your school to inspire and motivate employees will rapidly optimise your team’s potential.

navitas human capital VALUES

Organisational culture is ultimately about staying true to your values and instilling these throughout every facet of your school. Navitas Human Capital does just that. We can help you to:

  • Do the right thing through honesty and transparency
  • Build trust and follow through with agreed actions
  • Encourage others to feel better
  • Think differently and challenge the status quo
  • Listen without ego and remain curious


“Coaching is central not only to our staff teams’ professional development, but also their wellbeing.” Radbrook Primary School

Contact us today to find out how we can work together on 07398 989345 or email


Do your staff feel valued and safe in their team?

A people first coaching culture can improve individual confidence by up to 80 per cent and work performance by up to 70 per cent.

Effective use of culture conversations drives forward change. Navitas Human Capital embraces coaching techniques that nurture a positive mindset and productive outlook within employees. Forming and maintaining a positive work culture is everyone’s job.

As qualified, accredited and experienced culture coaching professionals, Navitas Human Capital will work in partnership with you to develop an organisational coaching culture that embraces a people first, growth mindset approach to drive a cultural shift.

Bespoke cultural change solutions

All coaching services are transparent and solutions are tailored for your individual and school requirements.

You will not have to sign a long contract or read through countless waivers. You will work in partnership with us on a rolling contract basis until the cultural shift has taken effect within your school, at which point you will no longer require our services. Our aim is to become redundant, because once your values are embedded within your team culture our job is done!

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry S Trueman

“Coaching works because people learn by doing what they would have done anyway – just smarter, faster, better, and with support and feedback.” Consulting Today

Contact us today to discuss cultural change and inspiring your people on 07398 989345 or email


The Coaching Academy

Do your employees have all the tools they need to succeed?

A people first coaching culture improves team time management by up to 57 per cent.

The pace of change in schools has never been greater. Effective coaching takes individuals on an improvement journey and develops people way beyond simple instruction or teaching skills.

The Coaching Academy also ensures that you hear and are able to meet your team members’ wellbeing requirements effectively.

How the Coaching Academy works

Choose from one-to-one coaching or team coaching with senior leaders within your school. The coaching sessions are designed to circumvent overdependence, disconnect and the feeling of being overwhelmed with workload and team responsibilities.

Navitas Human Capital’s innovative coaching practice delivers tangible results in large measures because your people are placed at the core. Your people are not resources or assets; they are your most valuable capital.

The Navitas Human Capital Coaching Academy will work with you to evaluate cultural factors within your team to strengthen trust, purpose and embed organisational values. The outcome is your team feeling treasured and not measured, which in turn increases productivity, profitability and reduces staff stress, turnover and absenteeism.

The Coaching Academy model

The coaching model revolves around the values and purpose of your school. Once team members realise their individual contribution and how that plays a part in the overall purpose of your school the magic starts to happen.

Coaching is proven to inspire people to develop by finding answers for themselves. Evidence shows that a positive coaching experience helps teams to become more self-sufficient, improves resilience and nurtures a positive growth mindset.

Embedding a coaching culture throughout your school to ensure development and feedback become part of everyday life, will give every team member the skills to excel and become a role model.

“Coaching focuses on equipping the individual to discover their unique potential.” Brian Cagneey

Contact us today to discuss how the Navitas Coaching Academy could work for your business on 07398 989345 or email

The Mindset Academy

Do your team members always have a growth mindset?

A people first coaching culture improves working relationships by up to 79 per cent.

When your team feels supported, they will always achieve more. Your people are the driving force of your school and we work to ensure they are part of your crusade and not just ‘turning up’ for work each day.

How the Mindset Academy works

The Mindset Academy creates a culture of psychological safety within your organisation, removing barriers for team effectiveness and removing any blame culture.

The world renowned Growth Mindset model will be implemented to enhance team motivation and skills. When every team member feels that their contribution is having an impact on the purpose of the organisation, magic happens, and the organisation becomes unstoppable.

The Mindset Academy guides every team member in how to achieve their ambitions and how they can positively control their thinking and actions.

The Mindset Academy model

Having a positive psychology within team members is vital for any successful organisation. Working with all team members, offering positive development solutions inspires team members before any capability and disciplinary becomes an issue.

Having a positive mindset within all team members ensures a true intent based leadership model.

“Culture is the strategy of how you work. And if people believe it is a strategy and that it is important, they will help you think about it deeply and try things.” Netflix

Contact us today to discuss how the Navitas Mindset Academy could work for your business on 07398 989345 or email

The Talent Academy

Do your employees have all the tools they need to succeed?

A people first coaching culture improves team effectiveness by up to 51 per cent.

Mapping cultural behaviours that drive school success enables you to identify candidates that perfectly match your culture and values.

How the Talent Academy works

The Talent Academy is designed to maximise the fit and integration of new team members into your school. The process will allow you to identify candidates who closely match your school’s culture, your values and your vision. Each successful candidate’s character will match your school culture. This makes the onboarding process easier and improves your team retention rates.

Each candidate will go through a rigorous recruitment and psychometric testing process. They will have demonstrated that they have a growth mindset and have the right attitude to be aligned with your school.

The Talent Academy model

Skills can be taught but attitude is ingrained. Once the right candidates have been identified with the right attitude towards your school’s culture and values, you can work with them to develop their skills. The Talent Academy offers support and advice on how to recruit through attitude and aptitude to fulfil a people first coaching culture backed by specific skills training.

“Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another.” British Journal of Administrative Management

Contact us today to discuss how the Navitas Talent Academy could work for your business on 07398 989345 or email

The Growth Academy

What will happen to your school if you’re not there?

A people first coaching culture improves school leadership by up to 61 per cent and work/life balance by up to 67 per cent.

Your team members are your greatest capital and they deserve to be treasured and not measured within a non-judgemental environment. Creating a transparent career pathway for all team members that is aligned with individual goals ensures every team member is in control of their destiny.

How the Growth Academy works

Evidence has shown that the conventional formulaic performance appraisal process is no longer effective.

The Growth Academy works with you to develop a culture where the traditional appraisal and performance management process becomes a developmental, inspirational and shared growth conversation that places the team member firmly at the core. The appraisee takes ownership of their own career development and is motivated by aspirational and professional goals without being subjected to measurable targets or objectives.

The Growth Academy model

This coaching approach allows teams to be accountable for their own aspirations and CPD. Building on their personal and professional growth plan, alongside necessary training, provides a progressive career structure that supports employees to grow and aspire with new skills and promotion goals. Individuals and teams are prepared, to improve by taking ownership of and achieving their aspirations. This focus on your peoples ‘career bridges’ will enable your business to sustain succession planning requirements.

“49% of school staff say Accountability (e.g. performance, test scores, inspections) causes them to feel stressed or unhappy at work over the last 2 weeks.” Anna Freud Centre research

“Whoever came up with the idea of targets? They are worse than a waste of time.

Targets take up valuable time, concentrate people on the wrong things or too few things, and lay the basics for a pseudo-performance-management experience: ticking as box.

They don’t make people better. They make them worse. And they make your school worse. In fact I’d argue they make most organisations worse and any leader who wants to do something radical for the better, should abolish them.” Katherine Birbalsingh – Michaela Community School

Contact us today to discuss how the Navitas Growth Academy could work for your business on 07398 989345 or email

The Governance Academy

How collaborative are the culture and values within your education organisation?

A people first coaching culture improves performance by up to 70 per cent.

In education, governors and trustees are the strategic leaders within an organisation. Ofsted knows only too well that governance goes wrong when governors and trustees overstep boundaries and stray into running schools on a purely operational basis.

How the Governance Academy works

Navitas Human Capital has a dedicated coaching programme that works with governors to ensure the three core functions of governance underpin all aspects of their work to ensure that business is conducted in line with the seven principles of public life.

More information regarding the seven principles of public life can be found here.

The three core functions of governance

The main principles of the governance model are to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation, its pupils and the management of staff
  • Oversee the financial performance of the organisation and make sure money is well spent.

You can read more about the Three Core Functions of Governance by accessing the Governance Handbook here.

Governor and senior school leader mentoring and coaching programmes are tailored to ensure the effectiveness of the role and are delivered in conjunction with Governor Space as fully funded Department for Education training.

Examples of training courses include:

  • Effective chairing of governing boards
  • From ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’
  • Statutory requirements for govenors
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Health and safety
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Performance management
  • Ofsted

The delivery of all coaching programmes and the scope of work is conducted by National Leaders of Governance to focus on strategic work within the field of governance. External reviews of governance within the framework of the Department for Education are also available.

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” Steven Spielberg

Contact us today to discuss how the Navitas Governance Academy could work for your education establishment on 07398 989345 or email

Image Credit: The Art of Brilliance – Dr Andy Cope

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